Building an Advanced Camera

After completing our basic simple model, we wanted to try and build a more advanced model that still followed the same overall premise. This advanced model was based on a blueprint we found online HERE:–photo-1078 )

A trip to Walmart and a few Amazon orders gave us the materials we needed:

  • Black foam board
  • Super glue
  • 35 mm film rolls

We used some of the material left over from the previous camera to build this new model. During a lab period we were allowed to work on our project and we spent this time building the body of the camera. We used the x-acto knife to cut out all the pieces from the foam board and superglued them together.

Cut out camera pieces

After putting the body of the camera together, we then had to construct the inner workings. This involved two winding wheels, inner dividers, and a piece of metal to create the pinhole. The winding wheels were made from film spools that we had to extract from the reels of film. This process was difficult as the metal casings of the film reels were hard to get into at first. But after some finagling, we were able to open them up to pull out the central spool. Another sprite can was dissected to make the pinhole that was then super glued to the front body of the camera.

Inside of Advanced Model

Finally the resulting model gave us a (hopefully) functioning camera.

Inside of Advanced Model with Film


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