Building Our Simple, Functional Model

Building Our Simple, Functional Model

The goal of our simple functioning pinhole model is to ensure that we could portray the basic physical principles of optics. In order to create our simple functioning model, we first set out to Walmart to gather the materials necessary for it. This model required the following materials:

  • A cardboard box
  • Black duct-tape
  • A Sprite soda can
  • An X-ACTO knife

The black duct-tape was used for light-proofing the entire camera. The Sprite soda can was used to create a sharp pinhole through which the light will be shot. A duct-tape shutter was created in order to control the amount of time that the light was shot through the pinhole. The X-ACTO knife was used for any additional carving that needed to be done. After intensive crafting, we came out with this functional camera that we could then use to develop our photos:

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