Final Product

In physics lab on March 26, we spent a lot of time trying to improve our speaker.  Although our original design worked sufficiently, we recoiled some wire in an altered fashion to enhance the transition of energy from electric impulses to sound waves.  We did this by making some loops tighter/closer to the magnet than others.  We also adjusted the number of coils and the amount of magnets used to create the vibrations.  Although we thought that adding more magnets would make the sound louder because the vibrations would be bigger, it seemed that the opposite occurred.  This was probably because adding the magnets made it heavier against the cup, which inhibited the vibration.

Here is a photo of the new coil set-up:

Coil loop with some tight coils concentrated at the bottom of the magnets and some looser loops around the top.

None of this would have been possible without the physics lab technician who found an amplifier to increase the voltage of the electric signal coming from our phones through the aux cord.  He also pointed out that our speaker had most likely not worked before because the wire ends that we connected the aux cord to were still coated with insulator.  We had forgotten that the wire was insulated since it is so thin and clear, but this insulation is also essential to the alternation of the electromagnetic field of the wire coil.  In order to remedy this problem, we just used sand paper to scape away enough of the insulator to relay the electric signal from the amplifier to the wire coil of the speaker.

We also added two plastic sheets around our cup to amplify the sound waves that the speaker created.  This made our speaker louder without interfering with the quality of sound.  Sometimes our won’t play the music, depending on the position that it is held in.  I believe this is due to the movement of the wires into the amplifier since the wires are so thin and that connection seems relatively tenuous in comparison with the rest of the plugs and parts of the apparatus.

Speaker with added sheets:

Speaker with added sheets to amplify the sound waves
Speaker with added sheets to amplify the sound waves

I also went into the lab this morning to ensure that everything was still working properly and to add the past cone part of the speaker back to it.  Everything was good, and it played my music clearly!

Here is link to a video of our working speaker!  Speaker video

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