Blogging Instructions

Logging in to WordPress:

To login to the TechnoProject WordPress site:

Creating a blog post:

To create your required research blog posts:

  • Login to the Techno Project WordPress site (
  • Then, select “Posts” on the left hand portion of the web screen.
  • Click “Add new” on the top of the resulting screen.
  • Make sure to include a title and type your post in the provided text editor!
  • If you include any media in your post, MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE APPROPRIATE METADATA! This means don’t forget to add a meaningful title, alttext, and even a caption and description! The inclusion of media metadata is important for web accessibility.
  • Make sure your tag  your post!
  • Hit publish! Now your post is accessible to anyone on the web.

Make sure your blog posts are accessible:

Simply put, it means making your site available to the widest possible audience.
There are many reasons to make your online resource accessible. Both the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibit colleges and universities from discriminating against
students, faculty, and staff with disabilities. But the most important reason is this: web accessibility is the right thing to do. People with disabilities are attempting to read your content and you should do everything you can to help.
Above content from Washington and Lee University’s Web Accessibility page.
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