Finding & Using Media

Finding & Using Media

You are encouraged to include dynamic elements in the “digital poster.” These dynamic elements will likely be visual in nature. Below are just some of the many options for creating dynamic visuals. For help with creating dynamic visuals, contact Dafe Pfaff of W&L’s IQ Center.

Sources for dynamic media:

3D Models:

You can use photogrammetry to create a 3D mockup of part of your physical model. This would be useful for highlighting small or occluded items that will be difficult to see during the presentation. Contact Dave Pfaff
at the IQ Center to set up a photogrammetry appointment. 3D Models will be uploaded on
SketchFab. To use SketchFab, you must create a free account.


Although the inclusion of a dynamic element is encouraged, you will likely want to include additional images. Go to the University Library’s Finding & Using Images webpage to learn about how to identify your image needs, discover sources for images, determine how to evaluate found images, and find out tips for creating new images.

Sources for Still Images (this is not a comprehensive list):


Copyright Considerations:

Your “digital posters”/webpages will be freely viewable online. Make sure that you follow copyright guidelines when using any images that you did not create! Copyright grants creators of works in tangible media (or the individual or organization to whom copyright has been assigned) the ability to control the reproduction, publication, adaptation, exhibition, or performance of their works. Even if an image is in the public domain (no longer under copyright or released from copyright), always provide proper citation.  Citing is not required by copyright law, but it is a best practice because it enables others to follow your research and it is ethical to give credit where credit is due.  Using others’ work without citing it is plagiarism.  Therefore, if you didn’t make an image…cite it!  You may be able to use a copyrighted work in your poster without requesting permission from the copyright holder if your use satisfies the legal guidelines for a fair use exemption.  See W&L Library’s copyright presentation slides.

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